Senior Producer

A born and raised Mancunian, Isah-Levi Roach (He/Him) is an actor, writer, producer and freelance practitioner. After graduating from the Royal Exchange Young Company he co-founded Switch_MCR and has continued to work with them since. Isah is currently the Race Equality Officer at LAMDA and previously held a position as a co-producer of the Royal Exchange’s Young Company. These have all fed into Isah’s commitment to making equitable, conscious and accessible theatre for everyone.

Isah’s work with Switch includes: Table for Christmas (2018) Performer, The House (2019) Performer.


Isah is has recently taken up the role of Senior Producer of Switch_MCR, working to bring together all the aspects of Switch_MCR, helping us to unveil and deliver this super exciting programme of radical work and continually looking for the next opportunities for the company, while still having creative input as well!

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