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Here you can see examples of our work from previous productions, ranging from festivals to double bills and full length plays to outreach projects.

The Global Reading of The Gaza Monologues

The Gaza Monologues are testimonies written by ASHTAR youth in 2010, after the first war on the Gaza Strip.


November 2023


Save Me A Seat comes to HOME!

Save Me A Seat is back and we have a new HOME!

October 2023

A Scratch Night of New Writing at the Octagon Theatre

A night of short plays and extracts created by up and coming theatre-makers and hosted by Switch_MCR Theatre Company 

September 21st 2023

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A two-day festival celebrating artists from the Global Majority.

Save Me A Seat is back and bigger than ever!


July 2023

A comedy-drama exploring grief, family and relationships.

Nick has just lost his Dad whilst Laura's just lost. Have A Break, Have A KitKat is a comedy-drama following a year in the life of two cousins manoeuvring grief for the first time. 

June 2023

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2 night accessible live comedy. Showcasing new and emerging talent

A 2 night event from Switch_MCR, platforming comics from Greater Manchester and beyond.

April 2023

In Co-Production with the Royal Exchange Theatre

Join the Royal Exchange Elders and Young Company on a personal and intimate journey examining what it is to be a leader. 

April 2023

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A festive festival of workshops and joy.

A seven-day festival around Manchester, bringing people together to share skills, joy and stories.

December 2022

A Horror Story

OFFIE Award Winning Horror Play.

When Ben and Claire move into a new home the past comes back to haunt them...

October/November 2022

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One-half of our Double Bill of new writing

Symonie juggles life as a teenager who feels like an adult.

June/July 2022

One half of our Double Bill of new writing

Three not-quite-humans stuck at the edge of existence...

June/July 2022

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A two-day festival

A weekend-long festival celebrating women and non-binary artists from the Global Majority, featuring fashion shows, dance workshops, West-African vegan food, live podcasting, poetry and live music.

March 2022

Community, rebellion and the lives of a group of young activists.

A group of young activists return to their bar after a protest against the government. Their lives are about to change forever.

February/March 2020


An exploration of the self within bureaucracy

55, 58, and 80 are all uselessly existing in a corporate space and 08 unwittingly enters their world.

February 2019

You’re invincible in your twenties. Full of life. Full of vigour.

You never wanted to grow up. So why did you? The House explores people forgoing the idea of getting old. Meet the people who said “fuck responsibility”.

February 2019

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A blend of poetry & performance with young voices telling a range of powerful war stories.

A play written and performed by us, giving you an insight into ways war has impacted lives over the last century.

November 2018

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