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A Doctor Comes To Tea

A new horror audio drama.


Written by Alex Thackray

Directed by Gabriel Clark

8 minutes

A new eight-minute short horror audio drama from Alex Thackray and Switch_MCR

A Doctor Comes to Tea

Doctor Meyer makes a midnight house call, but his patient is nowhere to be seen... Who is Mrs Hughes? And why is she hiding her daughter in the attic?

A Doctor Comes to Tea is a short audio drama from writer Alex Thackray, directed by Switch_MCR's Artistic Director Gabriel Clark.

Listen to the audio-drama below. Headphones are recommended.

This drama contains moments of gore and intense horror.

A Doctor Comes To TeaSwitch_MCR Productions
00:00 / 08:25



Gabriel Clark 
Doctor Meyer

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-12 at 20.55.34 copy.jpeg

Aimee Curtin 

Mrs Hughes

Creative Team


Alex Thackray


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